• Andradite Garnet
  • Andradite Garnet
  • Andradite Garnet
  • Andradite Garnet

Andradite Garnet

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ID: CC16793
A dome of Andradite garnet encloses an underlying matrix of dark olive-green Hedenbergite from the world famous locality at Mega Horio on Serifos, Greece. The individual dodecahedral Andradite crystals are typically 4 to 7 mm across, with orangey-tan faces and burnt toffee-brown edges, making for a most attractive specimen.   A small, roughly 3.5 x 1 cm area adjacent to the base is partly coated with translucent light grey Chalcedony.  Where a 1.5 x 1 cm area of the garnet has been naturally broken, slightly off mid-centre, a number of more gemmy Andradite crystals are visible.  A great Andradite from Mega Horio on the island of Serifos.


7.9 × 6.4 × 4.4 cm
Mega Horio, Serifos Island, Cyclade Islands, Kykl√°des Prefecture, Aegean Islands Department, Greece

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Andradite, Chalcedony, Garnet

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