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ID: CC16843
Clogau St. Davids mine at Bontddu in Gwynedd, Wales, lies within the Dolgellau Gold Belt and is one of its more famous gold mines.  Welsh gold is highly prized and is the traditional source for Royal wedding rings, the tradition originally starting with that of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (the late Queen Mother), sourced entirely from Clogau St. Davids.  This specimen contains approximately 12 pinhead grains of buttery Native Gold embedded in opaque milky Quartz with a little attached grey shale (Clogau Shale).  A most pleasing Clogau St. Davids Native Gold for any collection missing this locality.

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2.9 × 2.4 × 1.8 cm
Native Elements
Clogau St Davids Mine, Bontddu, Dolgellau Gold Belt, Gwynedd, Wales, UK, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Native Gold

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