• Cerussite
  • Cerussite


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ID: CC17158
Torr Works quarry, more widely known as Merehead quarry to collectors, is legendary for its rare suite of oxychloride minerals together with many other species. In total 67 minerals are recorded and it is type locality to eight. This large quarry is still fully operational but, sadly, the pods containing such mineralisation are no longer encountered and only aggregate is produced. Torr Works quarry is at Cranmore, just east of Shepton Mallet in Somerset, England. This small miniature is a beautiful example of finely reticulated Cerussite, forming layered herringbone structures of translucent milky white Cerussite with a bright glassy lustre. It comes with the previous collector’s label, dated April 1978, probably the month it was collected.


2.2 × 3.5 × 1.3 cm
Carbonates, Latest Additions
Torr Works Quarry, Cranmore, Somerset, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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