• Sceptre Quartz on Siderite
  • Sceptre Quartz on Siderite

Sceptre Quartz on Siderite

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ID: CC17332
This stunning bed of transparent to creamy-milky Quartz crystals covers a plate of massive earthy Siderite of a contrasting light chocolate-brown, the colour and texture of coco powder.  This wonderful specimen of museum quality and size is from the Mésage mine at Saint-Pierre-de-Mésage, where one of many mineralised veins traverse the wooded hillsides at Les Rivoirands close to the commune of Vizille in south-eastern France.  The Quartz crystals display many levels of clarity and habit and range from long and narrow acicular crystals to one thick-set crystal with a sceptre termination.  Beginning with the latter, this gorgeous crystal is 5.5 cm tall with a prism 1.3 cm wide and is capped with a milky-cream sceptre of about 1.5 cm in length (integral to the overall 5.5 cm).  The remaining crystals cover about all sizes below this and most exhibit perfect Dauphiné habit terminations, whereby each termination has one greatly enlarged rhombohedral face.  This habit is named after the Dauphiné, the old name for the French Alps around Grenoble from where this specimen is from.  Many crystals are double terminated, where growth conditions allow.  The clarity can be described as transparent in the smaller crystals grading to translucent in the larger, although when back lit, even the large crystals appear semi-transparent.  The prisms, and especially the terminations can adopt a pale lemon-yellow hue, typical of Quartz from Isère.  This is a spectacular Quartz specimen from the Mésage mine at Saint-Pierre-de-Mésage.


11.5 × 16.3 × 6.5 cm
Carbonates, Quartz and Agate
Mésage Mine, Saint-Pierre-de-Mésage, Vizille, Isère, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Quartz, Siderite, variety Sceptre

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