• Quartz on Chrysocolla
  • Quartz on Chrysocolla
  • Quartz on Chrysocolla

Quartz on Chrysocolla

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ID: CC17629
Hemispheres measuring to 5 mm diameter and botryoidal aggregates of sky blue Chrysocolla are covered by a thin sparkling druse of colourless Quartz, on a red-brown Goethite matrix from Old Dominion mine at Buffalo Hill in the Globe-Miami Mining District of Arizona. The carpet of micro-drusy Quartz surrounding the Chrysocolla is teal blue and together, the combination of species and colours produces a most aesthetic miniature.


5.6 × 5.5 × 3.1 cm
Globe, Globe Hills, Globe Hills District, Globe-Miami District, Gila Co., Arizona, USA

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen