• Titanite on Adularia with Chlorite
  • Titanite on Adularia with Chlorite
  • Titanite on Adularia with Chlorite

Titanite on Adularia with Chlorite

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ID: CC18002
This fabulous combination of Titanite on Adularia coated with Chlorite is such a characteristic Alpine specimen and comes from the Medel Gorge in Grischun, Switzerland.  The Titanite forms highly translucent rich lime-green crystals to 2.8 cm long, some of which are twinned to form V-shaped spears with butterfly-wings.  These sit on rhombic Adularia crystals to over 1 cm, Adularia being a low temperature variety of Orthoclase Feldspar.  The Adularia crystals are associated with the micro-crystalline Chlorite in three ways; dark green Adularia completely included with Chlorite; white-grey Adularia dusted with Chlorite and Adularia completely masked by an overgrowth of intensely dark green Chlorite.  A great Swiss specimen mounted vertically on a square acrylic base.


4.2 × 3.7 × 2.3 cm
Medel Gorge, Medel Valley, Grischun, Switzerland

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Adularia, Titanite

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