• Beryl var. Aquamarine
  • Beryl var. Aquamarine
  • Beryl var. Aquamarine

Beryl var. Aquamarine

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ID: CC18972
A single, off-matrix Beryl crystal, variety Aquamarine, from the Gilgit District in Pakistan.  The crystal is a delicate cornflower-blue and roughly divides into a semi-transparent, slightly cloudy lower section (3.5 cm tall) and a transparent, partly gemmy upper 3 cm to the flat pinacoid termination.  Although a single crystal, it bifurcates to form two joined hexagonal prisms with one common face.  Some conchoidal nicks are present on and around the termination, but these are not readily apparent.


6.7 × 1.9 × 1.5 cm
Gilgit District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, Asia

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen