• Cassiterite
  • Cassiterite
  • Cassiterite
Oxides and Hydroxides


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ID: CC19299
A superb miniature of highly lustrous micro-crystals of Cassiterite densely pervading a micro-stockwork of finely acicular Schorl tourmaline crystals of the identical clove-brown colour to that of the Cassiterite.  The binary combination of Cassiterite-Schorl is a fascinating aspect of ore emplacement in Bunny mine at Stenalees in the St. Austell District mining/China clay district of Cornwall, England.  An exceedingly rich and uncommon specimen.


4.2 × 3.8 × 3.7 cm
Oxides and Hydroxides
Bunny Mine, St Austell, Cornwall, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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