• Cuprite with Native Copper
  • Cuprite with Native Copper
  • Cuprite with Native Copper
  • Cuprite with Native Copper

Cuprite with Native Copper

ID: CC19304
A heavy cabinet specimen of porous, vuggy, crystallised Cuprite and Native Copper with occasional blades and stringers of milky Quartz.  This very rich specimen is from Phoenix United mine at Minions near to Linkinhorne in the Liskeard District of Cornwall, England. The Cuprite forms 2 to 3 mm octahedral crystals, some modified, with a metallic gunmetal-grey patina, frequently with hints of claret-red Cuprite beneath the surface film.  Likewise, the Native Copper is developed as similar size crystals which have a chocolate-bronze patina, but with occasional bright Native Copper on display. A very fine example from the historic Phoenix United mine.

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8.8 × 8.5 × 6.0 cm
Native Elements, Oxides and Hydroxides
Phoenix United Mine, Minions, Linkinhorne, Liskeard District, Cornwall, England

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Cuprite, Native Copper

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