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ID: CC19341
Boyleston quarry at Barrhead, now lies within the southern suburbs of Glasgow in the Strathclyde (formerly East Renfrewshire), Scotland.  Although over twenty mineral species occur at Boyleston, it is its superb green Prehnite it is most famous for; this area of southern Scotland being dominated by Tertiary volcanic strata.  This beautiful specimen of rich apple-green Prehnite has a botryoidal surface composed of spherical crystalline Prehnite approximately 1.5 to 3.5 cm diameter, some of which are blushed a slight pink-red on orientated faces, which adds greatly to its appeal.  The Prehnite nucleates around a hidden core of mid-grey basalt.

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9.0 × 7.8 × 5.6 cm
Boyleston Quarry, Barrhead, Strathclyde, Scotland, Europe

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Minerals on specimen

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