• Rutile var. Sagenite
  • Rutile var. Sagenite
  • Rutile var. Sagenite

Rutile var. Sagenite

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ID: CC19564
The Zillertal Valley is situated in spectacular mountain scenery in the Tyrol state of Austria and is host to many Alpine clefts, formed by larges fractures created during mountain uplift then becoming infilled by mineralising fluids.  This wonderful cabinet specimen has three good-size Rutile crystals sat horizontally on a creamy-buff bed of finely crystallised Feldspar.  Rutile, one polymorph of titanium dioxide, forms metallic bronze-maroon crystals of up to 2.5 cm long, each with a dogleg or elbow bend in the structure and, hence forming an asymmetric chevron.  These crystals range between 6 and 9 mm wide and because of their dominant striated surfaces, have a silky lustre.    Other smaller areas of Rutile form reticulated structures; a variety known as Sagenite.  The matrix beneath the Feldspar crust is a strongly foliated, medium-grained rock, suggesting possibly a phyllite.  This is a delightful display specimen of Rutile from the Pfitsch Pass in Austria.


9.8 × 14.0 × 4.2 cm
Oxides and Hydroxides
Pfitsch Pass, Zamser Grund, Zillertal, North Tyrol, Austria, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
variety Sagenite, Rutile

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