• Baryte with Calcite and Marcasite
  • Baryte with Calcite and Marcasite
  • Baryte with Calcite and Marcasite
  • Baryte with Calcite and Marcasite

Baryte with Calcite and Marcasite

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ID: CC19576
This beautiful specimen of Baryte with Calcite and Marcasite is from the famous Příbram mining district in the Czech Republic.  The way in which the Baryte has crystallised as glassy tabular crystals aligned in uniform parallel rows is spectacular.  The Baryte crystals have mainly transparent outer zones grading to translucent cores.  The lustre of the crystal faces is dazzling and form mirror-like arrays across and over the specimen.  The back surface is coated with translucent cream lenticular Calcite crystals and tiny hemispheres of Marcasite of between 1- and 2-mm diameter.  A most aesthetic and satisfying small cabinet specimen from Příbram.


6.5 × 8.0 × 6.7 cm
Calcite, Sulphates, Nitrates and Borates, Sulphides, Sulphosalts and Arsenides
Pribram, Central Bohemia Region, Czech Republic, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Baryte, Calcite, Marcasite

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