• Calcite on Quartz

Calcite on Quartz

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ID: CC19687
Not only is the Příbram mining district ancient, it is regarded as one of the world’s best ore deposits for its variety of well crystallised mineral specimens.  Over 300 species are recorded and it is type locality to eleven.  This small cabinet specimen has nicely developed Quartz and Calcite crystals covering an almost completely hidden matrix of spongy, porous massive Quartz.  Five colourless to slightly smoky Quartz crystals are surrounded by a pervasive covering of flattened rhombic colourless to milky Calcite crystals, forming nail head prisms averaging 2 to 4 mm in diameter.  The Quartz crystals measure up to 2 cm long, are semi-transparent to translucent, contain finely disseminated black Goethite inclusions and where space allows, are double terminated.  Under LWUV the entire specimen fluoresces dappled orange.  A terrific Calcite on Quartz from Příbram.


5.0 × 7.0 × 6.0 cm
Calcite, Quartz and Agate
Pribram, Central Bohemia Region, Czech Republic, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Calcite, Quartz

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