• Fluorite on Quartz

Fluorite on Quartz

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ID: CC19710
A fabulous and great value specimen of vividly dark blackberry-purple Fluorite verging on black and densely covering a long and narrow matrix of apricot-orange tinged terminated and glassy Quartz crystals.  This excellent specimen is from the Cínovec-Zinnwald ore deposit which spans the regions of Saxony and Ústí Region of Germany and the Czech Republic.  The Fluorite forms crude octagonal crystals entirely built from tiny stacked cubic crystals.  The effect is that of low-resolution octahedrons constructed using blocks of Lego!  Under low magnification they are superb and make for fascinating study.  A great Fluorite on attractive Quartz and well-priced as well!


2.7 × 10.0 × 4.3 cm
Fluorite and Halides, Quartz and Agate
Cínovec/Zinnwald, Erzgebirge; Krusné Hory, Saxony & Ústí Region (Bohemia), Germany & Czech Republic

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Fluorite, Quartz

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