• Cassiterite with Topaz and Hübnerite
  • Cassiterite with Topaz and Hübnerite
  • Cassiterite with Topaz and Hübnerite

Cassiterite with Topaz and Hübnerite

ID: CC19799
A beautiful small miniature of Cassiterite with Topaz and Hübnerite from Horní Slavkov in the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic.  The specimen is dominated by metallic black Cassiterite crystals with a brilliant lustre, forming a few single and one very good twinned crystal; the latter with an arrow head V-twin, 1.8 cm from base to apex and 1.9 cm wide at its base.  Amongst the Cassiterite crystals are matt black platy Hübnerite crystals and the occasional pale blue Topaz.  A choice combination of Cassiterite, Topaz and Hübnerite from Horní Slavkov.

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5.0 × 2.8 × 2.2 cm
Oxides and Hydroxides, Silicates
Horni Slavkov (Schlaggenwald), Bohemia, Czech Republic, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Hubnerite, Cassiterite, Hubnerite, Topaz

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