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ID: CC20193
I am privileged to have seen many times possibly the world’s best private collection of Descloizite, the majority of specimens of which originate from the Berg Aukas mine in the Grootfontein District of Namibia.  From studying and discussing this collection I have come to appreciate the subtilties and complexities of this much underrated species and so this beautiful cabinet specimen to be a stunning example.  The diversity of crystal habit and colour throughout the Berg Aukas deposit is almost beyond comprehension; one could never imagine nature can create so many variations of one mineral in a finite volume of ground.  The specimen is composed of stacked steeple-shaped Descloizite crystals some of up to about 2 cm tall and with gently rounded tapering terminations.  The prism faces are complexly developed with geometrical growth patterns and crystals stack on top of one another forming small towers so punctuating its mesmerising topography.  The Descloizite is a uniform gunmetal dark grey with a varying matt to silky lustre on the curved prism edges and lustrous metallic on their flat faces.  This a gorgeous Berg Aukas Descloizite of wonderful architecture and beautiful aesthetic.


7.0 × 10.3 × 5.4 cm
Phosphates, Arsenates and Vanadates
Berg Aukas, Grootfontein, Otjozondjupa Region, Namibia, Africa

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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