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ID: CC20307
This amazing group of Quartz crystals will make a terrific addition for any collector of Quartz, Cavnic or purely aesthetic specimens because of its beautifully unusual habit, perfection and size.  A large cabinet specimen standing 14 cm tall and sitting perfectly on its naturally flat base.  Long elegant Quartz crystals emerge from a thin yet strong Quartz matrix and range from about 2 cm up to 14 cm.  The majority of each crystal is translucent milky white, then within 1 to 3 cm of each termination there is a distinct shift to colourless Quartz, semi-transparent to translucent.  These colourless caps add an extra level of beauty while every prism face has a stepped surface covered with highly lustrous micro terminations.  A stunning Quartz group from Cavnic mine in Maramureș County, Romania.

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14.0 × 13.5 × 9.0 cm
Quartz and Agate
Cavnic Mine, Cavnic, Maramures Co, Romania, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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