• Titanite with Adularia and Chlorite
  • Titanite with Adularia and Chlorite
  • Titanite with Adularia and Chlorite
  • Titanite with Adularia and Chlorite

Titanite with Adularia and Chlorite

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ID: CC20371
A beautiful, ex-matrix, small miniature composed of a 2.8 cm long double terminated Titanite crystal emerging from three partially intergrown rhombic Adularia crystals to 1.4 cm on edge and all heavily dusted with sparkling micro crystals of deep bottle-green Chlorite.  Adularia is a variety of potassium feldspar.  This specimen is from Gösleswand, close to Prägraten in the Virgen Valley, Tyrol, Austria, a locality known for only few species, but mainly well crystallised.  The Titanite forms as two sets of double terminated crystals, each of different length and intergrown at 90 degrees to one another.  The translucent Titanite is metallic chrome-green and the Adularia, translucent light-grey.

Ex. the Mineral Collection of Archduke Stephan Franz Viktor of Hungary (1817 to 1867), but does not have either the Archduke (Erzherzog) Stephan or small Carl Rumpff labels.  A small label is glued to the underside of the specimen, dated 1881.  The specimen comes with one of the unique thick green card boxes which the Archduke had specifically made to house the specimens.


3.9 × 2.4 × 1.7 cm
Gösleswand, Prägraten, Virgen Valley, East Tyrol, Tyrol, Austria

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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