• Quartz var. Smoky Gwindel
  • Quartz var. Smoky Gwindel
Quartz and Agate

Quartz var. Smoky Gwindel

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ID: CC20522
This terrific Quartz Gwindel from the St. Gotthard Massif in Switzerland is a fabulous example, not just because of its obvious Gwindel morphology, but also its uniform smokiness and gemmy transparency.  The overall width of the Gwindel itself is a little over 5 cm and, attached to this at one side, is a single terminated Quartz crystal of the same colour and displaying characteristic alternating large ‘r’ and small ‘z’ termination faces.  A beautiful example with an amazing glassy bright lustre.


4.9 × 5.6 × 2.8 cm
Quartz and Agate
St Gotthard Massif, Ticino, Switzerland

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Quartz, var. Smoky Gwindel

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