• Azurite with Malachite
  • Azurite with Malachite
  • Azurite with Malachite

Azurite with Malachite

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ID: CC20549
Tiny crystals of Azurite and Malachite richly coat a vuggy limonite-stained Quartz matrix from Wolfenhausen, near to Runkel in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.  The deep leaf-green to emerald-green Malachite forms druses of 1 mm diameter spherical sprays over the surface and throughout fractures across the matrix.  Glassy deep blue Azurite crystals to 2- or 3-mm also line fractures and small vugs.  Ex. the collection of Archduke Stephan Franz Victor von Habsburg-Lothringen, the specimen comes with a complete and magnificent 9.8 x 8.1 cm label (catalogue number 141/61) together with what appears to be a temporary label written on a scrap of paper (very old paper!).  The catalogue number is not attached to the specimen in this case.  A Carl Rumpff label, the German industrialist who bought the collection is also attached to the specimen, dated 1889.  A wonderful old and historic specimen.


6.5 × 11.0 × 5.5 cm
Wolfenhausen, Nr. Runkel, Nassau, Lahn valley, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen