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ID: CC20616
The Bull Vein is characterised by its straw yellow Fluorite, yet in this very fine specimen the crystals have colour zoned faces and edges; with outer faces of transparent pale lavender-cream, then a distinct lavender zone between this and the inner yellow core.  These colours are greatly enhanced in strong light, be this artificial or daylight.  Covering a matrix of massive creamy Fluorite, the razor-sharp edged, single intergrown cubic crystals measure up to 3.5 cm on edge and average about 2.6 cm.  A terrific and great value specimen.


7.5 × 10.0 × 4.8 cm
Fluorite and Halides
The Bull Vein, Lady Annabella Mine, Eastgate, Weardale, County Durham, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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