• Liddicoatite (Tourmaline) on Quartz and Feldspar
  • Liddicoatite (Tourmaline) on Quartz and Feldspar
  • Liddicoatite (Tourmaline) on Quartz and Feldspar

Liddicoatite (Tourmaline) on Quartz and Feldspar

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ID: CC20782
This wonderful specimen of deep rich cranberry-red Liddicoatite Tourmaline crystals embedded amongst Quartz and Feldspar is a superb example of pegmatite mineralisation. Although the specimen has been prepared for display, there is something about it which provides a fresh appearance, looking like it may just have been removed from its pocket! This specimen is from the Antsikoza Pegmatite at Manapa in Antananarivo Province, Madagascar and is one of the less seldom seen Tourmaline Group species, Liddicoatite. The crystals occur as a jumbled array of gemmy intense cranberry-red prisms, hexagonal in section and with triclinic pyramidal terminations. Much smaller, more granular Liddicoatite crystals are strew all around the large crystals and because of their small size appear a much lighter colour, very much a bubble gum pink. The largest Liddicoatite crystals measure around 1 cm tall and all have a bright glassy lustre. Please note that four repairs have been made to this specimen. None are apparent at all and this probably implies that four individual crystals which have come loose have been recemented into their ‘sockets’. The Tourmaline is surrounded by creamy-white Feldspar and some blocky lemon-grey smoky Quartz, with the pegmatite texture tending to that of an aplite. A beautiful specimen of a rarer member of the Tourmaline family, Liddicoatite, set is a great example of pegmatite matrix.


7.4 × 10.3 × 5.0 cm
Gem Minerals, Latest Additions, Tourmaline
Antsikoza Pegmatite, Manapa, Betafo, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Liddicoatite, Quartz, Tourmaline

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