• Moschellandsbergite
  • Moschellandsbergite
  • Moschellandsbergite


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ID: CC20807
It comes hard for me to say, that for such a magnificent specimen of an extremely rare mineral, it does not win any prizes for its beauty. Moschellandsbergite is a silver-white amalgam of mercury and silver with the formula Ag2Hg3 and this world-class specimen is from its type locality at Landsberg in Alsenz-Obermoschel, Palatinate, Germany. Landsberg was formerly named Moschellandsberg. Mercury extraction in this district dates to around 1440 with mining continuing through the centuries until final closure in 1942. The Moschellandsbergite appears as sub-mm crystals of a greyish-green which form rich druses coating much of a light Goethite vuggy matrix. A wonderfully rich specimen of Moschellandsbergite from its type locality at Landsberg, Germany.


6.5 × 5.7 × 3.8 cm
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Landsberg (Moschellandsberg), Alsenz-Obermoschel, Palatinate, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

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