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Native Iron

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ID: CC21157
Because iron is such a common element in the Earth’s crust, it would be easy to think Native Iron would be widespread, but this could not be further from the truth.  Iron in its native, unoxidized elemental state (Fe) is exceedingly rare on Earth and the majority of Native Iron is found in meteorites.  This rich and quite spectacular example is from the basalt quarry at Bühl near the village of Weimar in Hesse, Germany, a long since abandoned quarry and one of the rare number of localities noted for the occurrence of Native Iron.  An accompanying label with this cabinet specimen notes it was found in 1937.  The specimen is a rounded nodule of intimately mixed Native Iron and basalt, although extremely rich in the former.  The display face has been cut and polished to display a fine texture of intermixed Native Iron and basalt, forming micro-fractalated geometries of self-repeating subsets.  The overall appearance is of a polished silver plate, although it now shows thin rusty patches due to its age.  For similar specimens of both terrestrial and meteoric Native Iron in my collection, I occasionally gently wipe the surface with a cloth sprayed with WD-40 which removes any surface rust and inhibits its return.  An excellent Native Iron from this interesting German locality, from the Dr Josef Clemente (1899-1987) Collection of southern Germany.


8.0 × 9.9 × 1.8 cm
Native Elements, Rare Minerals
Bühl, Weimar, Kassel, Hesse, Germany, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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