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ID: CC21572
The Benallt mine on the Lleyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, Wales, is an amazing locality but one not that well known, especially to collectors unfamiliar with the British Isles.  The mine only operated for eight years between 1886 and 1894.  I has been reworked a little since, mainly for the supply of manganese during the Second World War.  Visiting the site today, the mine dumps appear to offer only waste rock, but to the initiated eye, a whole wealth of rare minerals can be found, including four for which this mine is the type locality.  Paracelsian, a rare barium aluminium silicate, can form magnificent specimens at Benallt and this small cabinet display piece is a splendid example.  It was collected by Sir Arthur Russell in 1911 and is accompanied with his handwritten label, interestingly naming it as “Benallt Manganese Mine”.  The specimen is composed almost entirely of Paracelsian, with crystals of up to 1.5 cm long richly covering a more massive matrix of anhedral Paracelsian intermixed with black manganese oxides.  This is a magnificent example of this rare mineral from Benallt.


4.5 × 9.0 × 6.7 cm
Benallt Mine, Rhiw, Llanfaelrhys, Lleyn Peninsula, Gwynedd, Wales, UK

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen