• Chalcopyrite var. Blister Copper
  • Chalcopyrite var. Blister Copper

Chalcopyrite var. Blister Copper

ID: CC21599
Cook’s Kitchen is one of Cornwall’s most famous mines whose main shaft now resides within the bounds of the South Croft mine property. Along with numerous other mine in the area, Cook’s Kitchen eventually became a part of Dolcoath mine, known as the Queen of Cornish Mines! Mention Cook’s Kitchen and any mineral collector with think Blister Copper, the botryoidal variety of Chalcopyrite. Cook’s Kitchen is the most well-known locality for excellent specimens of this variety and the small cabinet specimen we have is a delight. A mixed massive Quartz and brassy Chalcopyrite matrix has its top surface covered with spheres of Chalcopyrite of typically 3 to 5 mm diameter. These blisters are mainly sooty black with speckles of brassy Chalcopyrite just showing through. Where spherules have been broken open, they superbly reveal the concentric internal structure and changes in colour zoning within. An excellent Blister Copper from Cook’s Kitchen.

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9.0 × 5.3 × 3.4 cm
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Cook's Kitchen Mine, Camborne, Cornwall, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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