• Brookite with Albite
  • Brookite with Albite
  • Brookite with Albite

Brookite with Albite

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ID: CC21604
The area around Prenteg in North Wales is famous for its titanium dioxide polymorphs, Anatase, Brookite and Rutile.  This particular locality at Twll Maen Grisial is type locality to Brookite and on this cabinet specimen Brookite occurs as several orange-brown crystals scattered over a matrix of pale greenish-grey vuggy quartzite shot through with hexagonal milky Quartz crystals.  There is a rich distribution of well developed Brookite crystals of up to 4 or 5 mm wide, some of which nestle in deep open fractures traversing the matrix, so typical of Alpine style mineralisation.  This specimen is accompanied with an Arnold Fisher Minerals stock label and the previous collector’s label.


6.5 × 13.0 × 9.5 cm
Oxides and Hydroxides, Silicates
Twll Maen Grisial, Fron Olau, Prenteg, Gwynedd, Wales, UK, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Albite, Brookite, Quartz

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