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Native Elements

Native Copper

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ID: CC21634
For anyone who has been fortunate enough to attend the annual Keweenaw Week, the Isle Royal Mines are frequently on the collecting itinerary and I well remember the metal detector constantly buzzing as I wandered the extensive dumps in summer 2005.  But once home, removing the tenacious matrix is not an easy task and once the Native Copper is exposed, in most cases it is not crystallised!  Fear not, this gorgeous small cabinet specimen is entirely crystallised with Native Copper ranging from chunky, blocky crystals of over 1 cm through to more hackly acicular crystals forming gnarled twisted branches and dendritic fronds.  Two small fragments of the typical dark greenish matrix remain attached adding provenance.  A delightful crystallised Native Copper with an aesthetic patina from the Isle Royal Mines in Houghton County, Upper Michigan, USA.


8.5 × 5.3 × 3.4 cm
Native Elements
Isle Royal Mines, Houghton, Houghton Co., Michigan, USA, North America

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Native Copper

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