• Quartz with Rose Quartz and Eosphorite
  • Quartz with Rose Quartz and Eosphorite
  • Quartz with Rose Quartz and Eosphorite
  • Quartz with Rose Quartz and Eosphorite
Phosphates, Arsenates and Vanadates

Quartz with Rose Quartz and Eosphorite

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ID: CC21690
The Ilha claim is a most unusual mineral locality where a granite pegmatite is worked on a small island in the Jequitinhonha River, 3 km north of Taquaral in mid-eastern Brazil. It would appear every little patch of Brazil bears some wonderous treasure! From here we have a decent sized cabinet specimen of Rose Quartz with the added bonus of some small Eosphorite crystal sprays. Often crystalised Rose Quartz comprises of small crystals of pale pink, but not the case here! A large, roughly 11 x 8 x 4 cm cluster of vivid rose to pale fuchsia pink Quartz crystals develop out from a 11.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm flattened milky Quartz crystal. The Rose Quartz crystals measure up to 3 cm with some even a little longer and many are quite broad, reaching a width of 1.5 cm! Several clusters of transparent clove brown Eosphorite crystals just adds that final touch to what is a really magnificent specimen.


13.0 × 9.5 × 4.5 cm
Latest Additions, Phosphates, Arsenates and Vanadates, Quartz and Agate
Ilha Claim, Taquaral, Itinga, Jequitinhonha Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil, South America

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Eosphorite, Quartz

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