• Schorl on Feldspar
  • Schorl on Feldspar

Schorl on Feldspar

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ID: CC21928
The Davib Ost Farm 61 at Karibib in the Erongo Region of Namibia has become famous for its numerous finely crystals pegmatite minerals, one of these being Schorl, the iron-rich Tourmaline member.  Beautifully crystallised, near-equant Schorl crystals are aesthetically individually scattered over a matrix of pure snowy white Feldspar matrix, formed as parallel aligned platy crystals for a perfectly contrasting background.  The Schorl prisms measure up to 2 cm across and are all double terminated with a superb glassy lustre.  A splendid example of well crystallised Schorl from Erongo.


5.8 × 7.5 × 3.4 cm
Silicates, Tourmaline
Davib Ost Farm 61, Karibib, Erongo Region, Namibia, Africa

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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