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ID: CC28067
With a locality name which conjures images of Jason and the Argonauts, this attractive pair of colourless and gemmy Analcime crystals is from the Cyclopean Islands, just offshore from Aci Castello, a little north of Catania on the east coast of Sicily.  This small group of islands sit just to the east of the harbour walls at Aci Trezza and are part of the Mount Etna Volcanic Complex.  The Analcime crystals are superbly developed to 1 and 1.5 cm diameter and show-off well against the rusty-grey volcanic matrix, due to their brilliant glassy lustre.  The outer faces of the Analcimes are gemmy and grade into translucent cores with crazed black inclusions.  This large miniature is accompanied with two very old looking Italian labels.

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6.0 × 6.9 × 3.5 cm
Cyclopean Islands, Aci Trezza, Aci Castello, Etna Volcanic Complex, Metropolitan City of Catania, Sicily, Italy, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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