• Hematite
  • Hematite


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ID: CC28321
One of the most well-known mineral species from the island of Elba is Hematite. This beautifully crystallised small cabinet specimen is from Rio Marina in Livorno Province although, rather confusingly, there are two Hematite localities in Livorno Province with nothing in their names by which to differentiate.  These two mines are at the opposite extremes of the Province which forms the north eastern-most coast line of Elba, in a north-south orientation.  Based on the mine’s history, this specimen is thought to be from the northern Rio Marina locality.  Superbly lustrous, black metallic equant Hematite crystals averaging 1 cm cover the display face over a matrix of cream-tan granular Quartz.  The base is vuggy and porous containing many small terminated Quartz crystals and several good hematite crystals similar to those on top.


9.3 × 6.4 × 4.9 cm
Oxides and Hydroxides
Rio Marina, Isle of Elba, Italy, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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