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ID: CC28657
A very fine crystallised Calcite formed from steeply angled scalenohedral colourless crystals on a matrix of massive Calcite coloured black by inclusions. From the mines around Cleator Moor in what was West Cumberland, now Cumbria, in north west England. The largest crystal measures 4.5 cm tall and all the larger crystals are transparent to gemmy. The specimen is accompanied by a Jenny’s Mineral Shop label (surprisingly of German origin) on which is recorded recorded this specimen is ex. the British Museum, although there is no other documentary evidence. There are very small blemishes and tiny chips to each crystal tip, but once viewed from a typical distance of, say, one foot, these become invisible. It is without any doubt a fine and beautiful West Cumbrian Calcite.


6.1 × 6.0 × 5.5 cm
Calcite, Latest Additions
Cleator Moor, West Cumberland Iron Field, Cumbria, England

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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