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Fluorite and Halides


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ID: CC29619
A magnificent dome-shaped mass of cubic crystals of Fluorite from Ladywash mine at Eyam in Derbyshire, England. The Fluorite crystals are very bright and would be transparent were it not for being totally included with minute crystals of iron sulphides. The cubes measure up to 3.1 cm on edge and many are of an elongated habit. The crystals show zoning, mainly defined by the density of inclusions and when viewed sideways-on, most have a distinct outer, more transparent rim with a much lower density of inclusions. It is thought this large cabinet specimen was collected within the 1971 and 1981 period and has since passed through the hands of several collectors and dealers including Clinton Burhouse and Lindsay Greenbank. This is a magnificent example of the characteristic sulphide-included Fluorite characteristic of Ladywash mine.


11.0 × 16.0 × 6.0 cm
Fluorite and Halides, Latest Additions
Ladywash Mine, Eyam, Derbyshire, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen