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ID: CC29641
This fragment of tin veinstone containing many small cavities filled with acicular Cassiterite caries a lot of history, all meticulously documented on the modern collector’s label.  It is from Polgooth mine in the civil parish of St Mewan, just a little south-west of St Austell in Cornwall, England.  The specimen is a piece of rich tin ore in a Quartz-Chlorite matrix, termed ‘peach’ by Cornish miners.  It was originally in the collection of Henry C. Jennings (1731-1819), whose collection purchased by mineral dealer Henry Heuland (1778-1856).  This was bought by the famous British collector Isaac Walker (1793-1853) in an auction (Lot No. 100) for 1/- (one shilling).  Isaac Walker’s handwritten label accompanies the specimen.  The capital letter ‘H’ indicates is came from a Heuland auction in 1816 and the single dot ‘.’ in the bottom left corner is Walker’s code for one shilling.  An interesting specimen simply oozing with history.

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5.8 × 6.8 × 3.7 cm
Oxides and Hydroxides
Polgooth Mine, Polgooth, St Mewan, Cornwall, England, UK, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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