• Smithsonite pseudomorph after Calcite
  • Smithsonite pseudomorph after Calcite
  • Smithsonite pseudomorph after Calcite

Smithsonite pseudomorph after Calcite

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ID: CC29645
A fascinating pseudomorph of Smithsonite after Calcite, originally labelled as from Cornwall, but since thought to be from Derbyshire. First the specimen and then its history. Terracotta coloured Smithsonite, varying between apricot orange and reddish-tan, forms a solid replacement of about half an intergrown cluster of former Calcite scalenohedral crystals, with well-defined terminations and prism faces. The insides are hollow, formed from a porous bone-like structure of intersecting Smithsonite ribs and filaments, all of light biscuit tan. It is accompanied by a detailed label explaining it was in the collection of Charles Groom-Napier, whose label also is included. Charles Groom-Napier famously went under the erroneous title of Prince of Mantua & Monferrat, with his label carrying the distinct ‘Mus. M & M’ in red text. A fascinating pseudomorph and enigmatic large miniature/small cabinet specimen.


7.6 × 6.0 × 3.0 cm
Carbonates, Latest Additions, Pseudomorphs
[Derbyshire], England

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Calcite, Smithsonite

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