• Calcite with Dolomite
  • Calcite with Dolomite

Calcite with Dolomite

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ID: CC31912
This small cabinet specimen is a fine example of nail-head Calcite from the west Cumbrian iron mines of England.  Three larger crystals dominate, the largest measuring 4.3 cm wide, with many more much smaller yet well developed Calcites across the specimen.  Between the trigonal-terminated crystals are strings of peachy tan Dolomite crystals and the whole specimen is preferentially stained brick red with finely divided microscopic Hematite inclusions.  Although the only location detail is that of the Egremont mining district, it is very reminiscent of the Banana Slide, a richly mineralised fault zone at 400 m depth and extending some 1.6 km to the east of Egremont.  Two old labels accompany the specimen; one a U.S. National Museum (Division of Mineralogy) and an unnamed hand written label on thin card.  I am ninety-nine percent certain this is in the handwriting of John Graves (1842-1928), the most famous of west Cumbrian mineral dealers (see Mineralogical Record Biographical & Label Archive).


10.2 × 8.0 × 4.5 cm
Calcite, Carbonates
Egremont, Cumbria, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Calcite, Dolomite

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