• Galena with Marcasite and Baryte
  • Galena with Marcasite and Baryte
Sulphides, Sulphosalts and Arsenides

Galena with Marcasite and Baryte

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ID: CC32167
Apart from forming fabulous specimens, Galena usually also delivers a lot of bang for your buck.  This terrific small cabinet specimen with Marcasite and Baryte is from Pasto Bueno in the Pampas District of Pallasca Province, Peru.  If you have never seen photos of this mine, may I suggest you look it up on mindat where there are some spectacular photos taken by the late Rock Currier.  Wow, what a mind-blowing setting it is and although the small town of mine buildings is impressively large, they appear like a tiny model village against the mountainous backdrop!  Bright metallic silver Galena crystals form multiple spinel twins of up to 2 cm with an infilling of dull, whitish-silver Marcasite between crystals.  Scattered here and there are glassy bundles of delicate colourless to milky white Baryte crystals.


6.2 × 8.3 × 4.5 cm
Sulphates, Nitrates and Borates, Sulphides, Sulphosalts and Arsenides
Pasto Bueno, Pampas District, Pallasca Province, Ancash Department, Peru

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Baryte, Galena, Marcasite

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