• Tourmaline with Albite var. Cleavelandite and Quartz
  • Tourmaline with Albite var. Cleavelandite and Quartz
  • Tourmaline with Albite var. Cleavelandite and Quartz

Tourmaline with Albite var. Cleavelandite and Quartz

$450.00   €427  £360.00 approx.  

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ID: CC32494
With a super-affordable price tag of $450 this lovely green and black Tourmaline is a steal. It’s a super example of a well crystallised Tourmaline with Quartz and Albite Feldspar from the famous Golconda Pegmatite in the Doce Valley of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The spectacular Tourmalines we all admire in books, periodicals and museums are outside many collector’s budgets and so it is specimens like this which provide the perfect opportunity to obtain a Tourmaline or two for the collection and perfectly respectable for display. I personally love this specimen. Probably a combination of both Elbaite and Schorl, the well-proportioned prismatic crystals measure up to 7.5 cm tall and are a metallic limey-rhubarb green with black terminations. Overall the prisms are opaque, yet have gemmy outer faces with an inner glow of green metallic foil and parallel vertical striations. A super specimen enhanced even further by snow white bladed crystals of Cleavelandite, a variety of Albite.


6.0 × 5.0 × 10.5 cm
Latest Additions, Quartz and Agate, Silicates, Tourmaline
Golconda Pegmatite, Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil, South America

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Albite, Quartz, Tourmaline

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