• Hematite with Chalcopyrite on Siderite
  • Hematite with Chalcopyrite on Siderite
  • Hematite with Chalcopyrite on Siderite
Oxides and Hydroxides

Hematite with Chalcopyrite on Siderite

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ID: CC32815
Carn Brea mine formerly lay in the district of Illogan at the northern foot of Carn Brea, an elongated hill formed from a satellite granite offshoot of the more southerly Carnmenellis Pluton. Any label should really only state either Illogan or Camborne as both are entirely separate areas, but only obvious to anyone familiar with the district. To confuse matters further, the southern boundary of Illogan has since been changed in both 1973 and 1985, each time moving north. The southern limit of Illogan originally extended down to Carn Menellis hill, but now runs parallel with and to the north of the main A30 Redruth to Camborne road. But back to the specimen, a magnificent Hematite with Chalcopyrite on Siderite forming a roughly square cabinet specimen of micro-crystallised, black Hematite with a twinkling, bright metallic lustre, richly scattered over rounded, lenticular blades of caramel tan Siderite. The Siderite crystals appear to average around 5 mm wide. Two generations of Chalcopyrite crystals are scattered across the display surface; the first as larger crystals of about 8 mm across with overgrowths of second-stage micro-Chalcopyrite crystals, usually of a brighter metallic gold. It’s a stunning specimen from Carn Brea mine, ex the Collections of Mike Brooke and Esme Bailey.


8.4 × 9.3 × 3.5 cm
Carbonates, Latest Additions, Oxides and Hydroxides, Sulphides, Sulphosalts and Arsenides
Carn Brea Mine, Illogan, Redruth, Cornwall, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Chalcopyrite, Hematite, Siderite

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