• Calcite with Pyrite on Quartz
  • Calcite with Pyrite on Quartz
  • Calcite with Pyrite on Quartz
Quartz and Agate

Calcite with Pyrite on Quartz

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ID: CC32818
Without a photo or description, one Geevor ‘Calcite with Quartz’ sounds very much like another but read on! The degree of variation in these two species at Geevor mine is astonishing and one could quite readily build a stunning collection containing nothing else. In this small cabinet specimen, three rather stubby Quartz crystals rise vertically from a solid Quartz matrix plate. These are what I endearingly term “beastly Cornish quartz”, yet with a beastliness I adore. The crystals are steeply terminated; the terminated section of the largest being 4 cm tall. These Quartz crystals are coated in a speckled layer of orange-red, iron-stained Quartz, becoming ever more intense towards the apex. Look closely at these, in my case with the aid of a loupe, and a delightful dusting of micro-Pyrite crystals becomes evident. This is really quite beautiful. Preferentially coating the Quartz crystals is a thick layer of translucent, pale salmon pink, lenticular crystals of Calcite in continuous drusy clusters. The specimen is from Coronation Lode in Geevor mine at Pendeen, St. Just, Cornwall. The Coronation Lode extended out beneath the sea within the bounds of the old Levant mine section of Geevor. The specimen comes with Mike Brooke and two Eric Sykes (Lymm, Cheshire) labels. The label with the adhering black Dymo tape is from Eric Sykes’ Collection.


0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 cm
Calcite, Latest Additions, Quartz and Agate
Coronation Lode, Geevor Mine, Pendeen, St. Just, Cornwall, England

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Calcite, Pyrite, Quartz

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