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Native Elements

Native Gold

$7,500.00   €7,075  £6,090.00 approx.  

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ID: CC3633
A superb combination miniature of Native Gold from the 16 to 1 mine in Sierra County, California.   Mining in the vicinity around Alleghany is thought to have started in the days of the 49ers (that is, 1849) with the 16 to 1 Mine having begun in 1896.  For labelling purposes the name is sometimes written in full as the ‘Sixteen-to-One mine’ and as background, the mine produced silver, copper, lead and zinc in addition to gold.  This specimen displays intergrown hoppers of Native Gold crystals individually measuring to 0.7 cm in combination with wire-like extensions. The Gold varies in colour from buttery matt gold to bright metallic yellow with a sparkling lustre.  This is a really aesthetic and rich miniature from the 16 to 1 mine, with a net weight of 28 grams.  It is mounted vertically on a small acrylic base and looks exceptional.


3.2 × 2.2 × 1.7 cm
Native Elements
16 To 1 Mine, Alleghany, Forest District, Sierra Co, California, USA, North America

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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