• Spodumene var. Hiddenite
  • Spodumene var. Hiddenite
  • Spodumene var. Hiddenite
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Spodumene var. Hiddenite

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ID: CC3991
Don’t some people just get all the luck?  Surely either an Emerald or Hiddenite mine would be deemed a good catch, but two for the price of one, wow!  Joking apart, this famous mine is located in the hills overlooking the small town of Hiddenite and this beautiful thumbnail specimen is a lovely example.  Hiddenite is the green gem variety of Spodumene, a lithium aluminium silicate commonly found in lithium-rich pegmatites.  This mainly gemmy crystal is well terminated with a sharp chisel point while its base is a ragged parallel array of delicate Hiddenite crystalline strands.  The overall colour is an electrifying chartreuse lime green with inclusions near to the base of mustard-lemon.  The prism’s surface is naturally etched to reveal a complexity of growth patterns.  This delightful example of gem Hiddenite comes in a foam padded circular Perspex gem case.


1.1 × 2.3 × 0.4 cm
Gem Minerals, Silicates
Adams Hiddenite And Emerald Mine, Alexander Co, North Carolina, USA, North America

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
variety Hiddenite, Spodumene

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