• Grossular Garnet
  • Grossular Garnet

Grossular Garnet

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ID: CC6809
Crystals of translucent-gemmy apple-green to almost colourless Grossular Garnet, measuring to 4 mm+, richly cover the top surface of this fabulous platy specimen from the Rinconada mine in Veracruz state, Mexico.  These larger Grossular crystals sit on a continuous bed of 1 to 2 mm pale avocado green Grossular crystals which add contrast and sparkle to the display face.  The base is richly covered with Grossular Garnets of a more opaque, creamy-lemon and are associated with lath-like white crystals of an undefined mineral.  A superb and aesthetic miniature specimen.


5.2 × 6.8 × 2.1 cm
Cofre de Perote, Veracruz, Mexico

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Garnet, Grossular

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