• Corundum var. Ruby
  • Corundum var. Ruby
  • Corundum var. Ruby
  • Corundum var. Ruby
  • Corundum var. Ruby
  • Corundum var. Ruby
  • Corundum var. Ruby
  • Corundum var. Ruby
  • Corundum var. Ruby

Corundum var. Ruby

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ID: CC7342
A choice miniature of complexly formed, intergrown crystals of Ruby Corundum developed into a stacked cluster, one crystal upon another. The specimen is from Mogok in Myanmar (formerly Burma) where gemstones are found in the surface alluvial marble gravels and in the deeper un-weathered metamorphosed limestones (i.e., solid marble). The Ruby is translucent grading to opaque where the cluster becomes thicker and is of a uniform pinkish rich cranberry red with a bright yet slightly waxy lustre. Small creamy white blocks and shards of Calcite remain attached around the base together with bluish-green plates of what appears to be Fuchsite, the green variety of Muscovite mica. A rich and lovely crystallised Ruby from the classic gem fields of Mogok.


3.7 × 2.3 × 1.8 cm
Gem Minerals
Mogok, Burma (Myanmar), Asia

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Corundum, Ruby

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