• Native Gold Nugget (28.82gr)
  • Native Gold Nugget (28.82gr)
  • Native Gold Nugget (28.82gr)
  • Native Gold Nugget (28.82gr)

Native Gold Nugget (28.82gr)

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ID: CC8033

A lovely alluvial specimen of metallic bright yellow Native Gold invested with four rounded inclusions of milky-white vein Quartz.  Labelled as from 43 mile, Yukon, Canada, the Gold nugget weighs 28.82 grams, is pitted from river erosion and has an attractive bright, yet frosted, appearance.  This is a terrific example of a Native Gold specimen and from a rarer locality that is not often seen.


3.1 × 1.9 × 1.0 cm
Classic Minerals, Native Elements
43 Mile, Yukon, Canada

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen