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ID: CC8042
Tourmaline is a rare mineral in Zambia and is only known from a handful of localities.  This fine small cabinet specimen is labelled as from Ndola within the Copperbelt Province of Zambia, where Schorl is known to occur elsewhere in this province together with emerald.  This superb example measures 9.1 cm long, forms a perfect convexly curved equilateral triangle in cross-section and terminates as an asymmetric trigonal pyramid with a mixture of smooth and ragged faces.  The prism appears jet black with just hints of green towards the termination.  When held up however and backlit, the majority of the prism remains opaque black while along its edges where they are thin enough to transmit light, the edges glow an exquisite rich leaf green.  A wonderful Tourmaline from this little known mine.


9.1 × 1.5 × 1.4 cm
Gem Minerals, Tourmaline
Ndola, Ndola District, Copperbelt Province, Zambia, Africa

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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