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Tungstates, Molybdates and Chromates


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ID: CC8302
This spectacular cabinet specimen of the lead molybdate Wulfenite is from its type locality in the Bleiberg District of Carinthia, Austria. It’s an amazing specimen, apparently composed of solid Wulfenite with different sized and textured crystals covering every surface. If there is a matrix present it is entirely hidden with no clue as to its presence. The underside is covered in smaller, thinner crystals yet relatively thick-set and sturdy. The upper display face is a mass of large blocky tabular Wulfenite crystals to 1.7 cm on edge and typically 5 to 7 mm thick. Their characteristic colour is rich butterscotch grading to bright apricot orange. The Wulfenite crystals form as sandwich-like layered tabular crystals often with a darker middle layer and lighter outer faces, these typically encrusted in tiny, spiky Wulfenite crystals. Bleiberg was an ancient mining district with mines known to have been working in the 1500s (16th century). This is a choice specimen, more than fitting for any fine collection, no matter if private or museum.


7.1 × 8.8 × 5.4 cm
Latest Additions, Tungstates, Molybdates and Chromates
Bleiberg District, Gailtaler Alpen & Karnische Alpen, Carinthia, Austria

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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