• Fluorite with Dolomite
  • Fluorite with Dolomite
  • Fluorite with Dolomite
  • Fluorite with Dolomite

Fluorite with Dolomite

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ID: CC8423
An excellent small cabinet specimen displaying over a dozen very clear, lustrous, lemon-yellow cubic Fluorite crystals with a subtle zoning of Marcasite inclusions around their edges. From Cäcilia mine in the Wölsendorf Mining District of Bavaria, Germany, the cubes measure up to 1 cm on edge and rest on a matrix of mixed massive Fluorite and Quartz. Under ultraviolet light the Fluorite fluoresces in various colours: ghostly purple Fluorite is observed towards the edges while very dull yellow Fluorite with darker edges dominates more within the central areas. Perched on the specimen are two nice groups of creamy white, saddle-shaped Dolomite crystals. An interesting and aesthetic Fluorite with Dolomite from the Cäcilia mine by the village of Freiung.


8.2 × 6.5 × 3.5 cm
Carbonates, Fluorite and Halides
Cäcilia Mine, Freiung, Stulln, Wölsendorf West District, Wölsendorf Fluorite Mining District, Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen