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Native Elements

Native Copper

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ID: CC8560
An impressive, almost 21 cm long branching structure of crystallised Native Copper from the stratiform silver and copper deposit at Rudabánya in Hungary, a 10 km long zone of mining activity since medieval times.  Native Copper often occurs as branch-like formations, but in this large cabinet specimen it does actually look like a gnarled tree or menacing outstretched branches in an enchanted wood!  The central stem is thick enough to lend great rigidity while the diverging branch-like structures sub-divide, often forming long and slender spinel law twins. Virtually the entire specimen is formed from Native Copper crystals, displaying numerous habits which will provide hours of enjoyable study under a lens.  The Native Copper’s patina also varies greatly, from reddish tinged sooty black through metallic dull copper, tan, light biscuit and copper-red.  A little matrix still adheres to the Copper here and there.  A beautiful and fascinating Native Copper from Hungary.


8.5 × 20.7 × 2.4 cm
Native Elements
Rudabánya, Rudabányai Mts, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Co., Hungary

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen
Native Copper

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